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Who We Are?

WHO STAFF COOPERATIVE AND THRIFT SOCIETY is an umbrella body for all employees of World Health Organisation and employees of other UN agencies. The Cooperative was formed and registered in the year 2002 by 19 staff members of WHO-Nigeria. The Cooperative operating office was in Lagos then. When the country office of the organisation was moved from Lagos to Abuja, the operating office of the cooperative was also moved to Abuja and registered again in Abuja with Registrar of cooperatives in the Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA, Abuja. Since then, the membership of the cooperative has continued to grow, presently, we have over 300 members which consists of employees of WHO, UNAIDS, FAO, UNODC, UNIDO, IFAD, and UNESCO, UNFPA, WFP, UNWOMEN, UNDP.

Vision Statement

See To The Economic Wellbeing Of All Our Members......

Our Mission

Making Credit Facility And Other Social Amenities Available To All Our Members......

Aims and Objectives

To encourage regular savings among members and to provide credit to members for provident and productive purposes atreasonable interest and with convenient terms of payment.
To promote among members, the spirit and practice of self-help based on ...

Our Products

  • Brief Description of all Services Rendered: The Cooperative provides loans to support members with everyday expenses such as unexpected bills, house rent bills, car repairs, children school fees as well as helping members live life to the full by offering loans for holidays, equipment purchase, properties and home improvements. We...

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providing world-class service delivery for members.The Executive Board of our dear Cooperative should consistof members...


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Our next plan after the housing project will be to secure a license from the Central Bank of Nigeria for a UN microfina...


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Over the years the Cooperative Board has built strategic partnershipswith professionals in different areas who support ...


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They provide services such as savings and loans to non-members as well as to members, ... Cooperative Banking in Canada...

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